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Grant Requests

Eligibility Requirements

  • New members must attend six of nine regular membership meetings in their first year of joining SCC.
  • A letter verifying the child’s vision loss or blindness must be provided by a certified professional in the medical field.  A person is considered legally blind in the United States when his or her best corrected visual acuity is 20/200 or they have a visual field restriction to 20 degrees diameter or less in the better eye.
  • A statement of endorsement or assessment must be provided by your child’s vision specialist or from a vision center which indicates the child’s level of readiness for the requested equipment and assessments for the blind or visually impaired.)

Grant Submission Protocol

  • Submit a letter from the child or club member (parent or legal guardian) explaining the nature and assessments or endorsements as described under Eligibility Requirements #2 and #3.
  • All documentation must be submitted to the Club President two weeks prior to a regular membership meeting for consideration to be given. Regular membership meetings are held the third Monday of every month from September through May.

Grant Approval Procedure

  • Grant requests will be reviewed for their eligibility and will be considered in accordance with the funds budgeted for the current membership meeting year by the Officers of SCC prior to the monthly membership meeting. (No Officer will be involved in the review of grant requests pertaining to a family member.)
  • Eligible grant requests will be presented to the general membership of the club for a final vote of approval by a majority vote of 51%. (Family members of the child presenting the request will abstain from voting.)
  • Upon approval, funding can be provided either directly to the vendor upon receipt of an itemized invoice or to the requesting member upon submission of an itemized receipt of purchase.

Grant Limitations

  • No more than three grant requests may be made in a regular membership meeting year which is from September to May. (For example: a grant request for a laptop, screen reading software and training would be considered three separate grants.)
  • All paperwork must be submitted and finalized from one grant before consideration can be given to another request.
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